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Since the early age of 3, Tanner has had the need for speed ! Begining with 4-wheelers and motorcycles at a young age, he moved into Karts at age 12. With a succesful run and many checkered flags under his belt, the next move was into a full size Dirt car at age 16.

Entering his Senior year of High School, he is currently piloting a Rocket chassis Late Model in the Sportsman division.   


A Hero comes  in all shapes and sizes.  Active within his community, school and church, Tanner loves inspiring others to Dream Big ! The 24 Racing Team has been blessed every step of the way and the entire team looks forward to any opportunities to pay it forward. Please check our availability to have Tanner or the 24 Car on display at your special event or or assist with a fundraiser.  

Giving Back -Nutrition 24

As a high school freshman I witnessed something that would forever change me. As I was in the lunch line at school I saw a student approach the cashier and then immediately throw his lunch in the trash. I asked the cashier what just happened and she informed me the student had no money on his account and could not charge his lunch. Immediately I knew what I had to do. I went through the line again and bought another lunch for the student. It was at that moment I realized all students weren’t blessed with parents like mine that made sure their child’s lunch account was always funded. I simply could not imagine it being lunch time at school and having no means of receiving a tray. It was then that I began planning ‘Nutrition 24’. 

With my racing number being 24 and believing students should have food available 24 hours a day, Nutrition 24 was created. It was my goal to ensure there was money readily available at my high school for any student that did not have lunch money. 

The first three years of Nutrition 24 my family and I decided to use coins we collected throughout the year to secretly fund lunches for any student that could not afford it. I say secretly because we did it in a way that would not cause any embarrassment for the student and only one school employee would know who donated the money. 

This year I want to expand Nutrition 24 to assist all students in our school system, not just my high school. My dream is to ensure that every student in every Heard County school has money available to pay for their lunch if needed. There are many situations that cause a student to be in this predicament. Maybe their parents do not qualify for free or reduced lunch but are in a financial bind and cannot pay for lunch that week. Maybe the student simply forgot to tell their parent they needed lunch money. Does it really matter why they can’t purchase a meal that day? No... what matters is that there are funds available to provide that student with a lunch! 

Our wonderful school system has started a Free Breakfast program this year. Every student is given a free breakfast to start their day. Together we can make sure that every student is also fed a nutritious lunch and never goes home hungry. Let’s make every Heard County student a part of Nutrition 24.

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